Pics That Will Make You Laugh…Then Feel Guilty

Prepare to laugh at things you shouldn’t. From awkward mishaps to that printer toner explosion (you’ll see), these photos prove life’s funnier when you’re the observer. Can you hold back the laughter? We dare you to try .

Ink-Splosion! My Printer Just Went Full Jackson Pollock

Photo Credit: paochow / Reddit

Talk about bad timing! This ink cartridge exploded the SECOND she touched it. That’s an instant tie-dye disaster.

Age Limit Enforced

Photo Credit: Hideout_TheWicked / Reddit

When childhood nostalgia backfires… This guy destroyed a swing set just by being an adult. Lesson learned?

Yikes, I bet that car smells awful.

Photo Credit: ogriffin / Reddit

That’s not an air freshener collection, it’s an arsenal! What could possibly smell that bad in there?

Poor Whiskers…Singed Whiskers and a Lesson Learned About Kitchen Hazards.

Photo Credit: rfankamil / Reddit

Curious cats + cozy fireplaces = a recipe for trouble. This little firebug might be feeling a bit wobbly after a close encounter with the flames.

Seriously, Grandpa?

Photo Credit: ogriffin / Reddit

500-year-old grandpa? Either he’s a vampire, or this quiz is broken.

Not for Flyers (But Flies Are Welcome)

Photo Credit: xkaiserxremx / Reddit

While the sign forbids flyers, it seems someone forgot to address the fly situation. That one’s definitely not flying high anymore.

Can’t Argue With That: A Very True Statement

Photo Credit: Ga1axy_Wo1f / Reddit

At least they’re honest. No noisy neighbors…unless the undead decides to move in.

When Everything Goes Wrong at Once

Photo Credit: rats_backwards01 / Reddit

Fell asleep on my laptop’ is how most of my bad days start. Let’s just say, I feel this person’s pain.

Why Your Wine Run is Totally Justified

Photo Credit: ImpracticalJokester / Reddit

Who needs milk when you can stock up on ‘dairy’ essentials like wine? It’s practically self-care.

Best Deal on Boneless Chicken EVER

Photo Credit: NZTau / Reddit

Their logic is flawless. An egg is the ultimate pre-seasoned boneless chicken. Forget nuggets, I’m making omelets.

When Fortune Cookies Get Creepy

Photo Credit: lena_mm / Reddit

Forget positivity, this fortune is downright sinister. Now I’m questioning everything – are the factory workers okay?

What do you think?

Written by Alex Dan

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