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Forget Politics, It’s Time for Pet-itics!

When politicians wear out their welcome with the public there is no better cure than animals! Put a dog in a tie and it makes a great mayoral candidate. Slap a bow tie on a cat and it becomes the purrfect presidential nominee. There is no chicken soup better for the soul when politics get you down than turning to the internet for adorable animals. Here’s a list of animals that ran for political office to help brighten your day!

Crawfish B. Crawfish: From Swamp to Swamp – One Crustacean’s Political Journey

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They say Louisiana politics are as murky as the bayou itself. Tired of the same old faces like Governor Bobby Jindal, one brave crustacean dared to pinch back! Legend tells of Crawfish B. Crawfish, whose political journey began with a simple Facebook challenge…

Hank the Cat: Maine Coon with Political Dreams

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In 2012, Hank the Maine Coon ran for US Senate in Virginia as an Independent. His platform promised affordable catnip, mandatory naps, and increased string-toy availability for all. Though mostly satirical, Hank’s campaign gained national attention and raised funds for animal rescues. He reminded us that politics can be fun and that even small gestures can spark meaningful change.

Stubbs the Cat: Alaska’s Mayor for Two Decades

Jenni Konrad/Wikimedia Commons

Stubbs, a simple orange tabby, held the honorary mayoral position in Talkeetna, Alaska, from 1997 to 2017. He represented everything a good politician should be – a symbol of community spirit. Stubbs had a knack for mischief – from hitchhiking on trucks to a near-disaster with a deep fryer. Despite his antics, he was loved by his town and reminded everyone of the importance of togetherness.

Clay Moore Henry: Lajitas’ Long-Serving Goat Mayor

Diann Bayes/Wikimedia Commons

Clay Moore Henry comes from a prestigious political dynasty – he’s the latest in a line of goat mayors ruling Lajitas, Texas. The tradition began in the 1980s with Clay Henry, with subsequent generations (Clay Henry II, Clay Henry III) taking over. Clay Moore Henry, the current mayor, won in 2008 and still holds office. Though whispers of a human challenger exist, for now, the Henry goat dynasty reigns supreme.

Pigasus the Pig: A Presidential Hopeful

David Fenton/Getty Images

Pigasus the pig, backed by the Youth International Party, made a surprising bid for the 1968 Democratic presidential nomination. Chaos ensued during his acceptance speech when his trough overturned, breaking Chicago’s live swine laws. Police whisked Pigasus away and arrested the “Chicago Seven” for conspiracy. Pigasus’s story is an incredible reminder of the power of unconventional political action.

Cacareco the Rhino: A Landslide Victory by Protest

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In 1959, frustrated with their political options, citizens of Sao Paulo, Brazil, voted a rhinoceros named Cacareco (“garbage”) into city council. Cacareco’s victory was a clear protest against the city’s political landscape. Though her win was quickly nullified, the rhino’s triumph served as a powerful symbol of public discontent and the power of a protest vote.

Morris the Cat: Napping His Way to (Almost) Victory

Sharon Farmer/Wikimedia Commons

In 2013, Morris the Cat, a feline resident of Xalapa, Mexico (unrelated to the Friskies mascot), launched a campaign for mayor. His platform focused on the importance of napping, which resonated with the voters. Morris garnered a significant social media following and a respectable 12,000 write-in votes, placing fourth out of eleven candidates. While he didn’t win the mayoral seat, Morris’ campaign proved that even a cat advocating for naps can capture the public’s imagination.

Boston Curtis the Mule: Proving a Politician Can Be Anyone (or Anything!)

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In 1938, a mule named Boston Curtis won the position of committeeman in Milton, Washington. His victory was orchestrated by the town’s Democratic mayor in a stunt to prove voters blindly support candidates and embarrasses the local Republican party. With no real platform and no opposition, Boston Curtis’ win highlighted the potential absurdity of the electoral process.

Colossus the Gorilla: From Zoo Star to Presidential Hopeful

Frank Bienewald/LightRocket via Getty Images

Colossus, a giant silverback gorilla known as Tony, made a bid for the US presidency in 1980. This publicity stunt by his home, Benson’s Wild Animal Park, aimed to save the struggling zoo. Colossus ran in the New Hampshire primaries as both a Democrat and a Republican. Though he was no match for Ronald Reagan, his campaign earned him a spot on classic political trading cards. Benson’s closed in 1987, and Colossus lived out his days at the Cincinnati Zoo.

Hank the Cat: From Street Cat to Senate Candidate

Peter KovalevTASS via Getty Images

Hank the Cat had a tough start – found abandoned and almost euthanized. But after finding a loving home, Hank put his rough past behind him. He studied business, launched successful ventures, and even tried his paw at politics. After an unsuccessful bid for Virginia State Senate, Hank set his sights higher, running for US Senate. His grassroots campaign earned him a surprising third-place finish, cementing his place as a beloved underdog (or undercat!) in political history.

Tuxedo Stan: Halifax’s Feline Champion for Change

Arterra/UIG via Getty Images

Tuxedo Stan, a three-year-old cat, launched a mayoral campaign in Halifax, Nova Scotia, to raise awareness of the city’s growing feral cat problem. His platform focused on spaying and neutering pets, with the catchy slogan “Neglect isn’t working.” Stan’s campaign gained momentum, even earning endorsements from Ellen DeGeneres and Anderson Cooper. Unfortunately, due to local regulations, cats cannot legally run for office, ending his campaign prematurely.

Sausage the Dog: From Rescue Pup to Political Powerhouse

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Sausage the Dachshund had an incredible life story. Rescued from a garbage can as a puppy, he was adopted by a publishing company and became their mascot, starring in detective stories. In 2001, Sausage entered politics, running in France’s municipal elections. Though he lost, he won 4.5% of the vote and appeared on France’s Big Brother. He even later ran for President! Sausage passed away in 2014, leaving a legacy as a beloved pup and unlikely political figure.

Brynneth Pawltro: Rabbit Hash’s Canine Mayor Continues a Furry Tradition

Chris J Ratcliffe/Getty Images

Rabbit Hash, Kentucky, upholds a delightful tradition of electing dogs as mayors. The current mayor is Brynneth Pawltro (“Brynn”), a three-year-old pit bull who won the 2017 election. Brynn’s platform promotes peace and love, and she’s a social butterfly known for greeting residents with enthusiastic licks. Rabbit Hash holds mayoral elections every four years. Brynn’s predecessors include Lucy Lou, Junior, and Goofy.

Duke the Dog: Cormorant’s Beloved Three-Term Mayor

Anne Cusack/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

Duke the Dog is a political icon in Cormorant, Minnesota, having served three mayoral terms. His reign began in 2014 with a landslide write-in victory (12 votes with a $1 fee each). Despite his fame, Duke remains humble, preferring to bury his own bones. This down-to-earth attitude surely contributes to its enduring popularity in Cormorant.

Goofy the German Shepherd: Rabbit Hash’s First Canine Mayor

Ingo Barth/ullsteinbild via Getty Images

In 1998, a German Shepherd named Goofy became Rabbit Hash’s first honorary mayor. This tradition began as a church fundraiser, allowing people to pay a small fee for unlimited votes. Goofy defeated a human opponent in a landslide victory with 8,000 votes. Rabbit Hash continued electing canine mayors, with successors including Junior, Lucy Lou (the first female), and the current mayor, Brynneth Pawltro.

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