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You Won’t Believe How These People Got Fired: Dumb Office Fails That Will Make You Cringe

Think your boss is tough? These office clowns practically handed in their resignation letters…wrapped in bacon…on fire. From epic social media blunders to crimes against common sense, get ready to laugh, gasp, and thank your lucky stars you’re not them. Let’s just say, the guy stealing office toilets wasn’t the weirdest thing on the list…

When Desk Naps Go Horribly Wrong: Why Sleeping on the Job is a Bad Idea


We’ve all had those days…you could sleep on a stack of spreadsheets. But before you give in to that keyboard pillow, remember: your boss probably doesn’t share your dream of ‘enhancing productivity’ through napping. From drool mishaps to epic snoring, let’s just say there are better ways to catch up on sleep.

When Your Mouth Writes a Check Your Job Can’t Cash: Why Cursing at Customers is Career Suicide

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We’ve all had THAT customer…the one who makes you want to scream words you can’t print on a family newspaper. But before you unleash your inner sailor, remember: your boss won’t be impressed by your colorful vocabulary. Let’s just say, there are better ways to channel that frustration (and keep your paycheck).

How to Get Fired in One Easy Lesson: Teachers Edition

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Tired of job security? Dream of creating a hostile learning environment? Well, insulting your students is a surefire way to make that happen! Imagine: no more lesson plans, no more grading… just endless free time to contemplate your career choices.

When Your Office Turns into a 3-Ring Disaster: Why “Clown” Isn’t a Real Job Title

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Think your coworkers are wild? Wait till you see the guy who tries to juggle chainsaws during the lunch break. Let’s just say, balancing that stapler on your nose won’t get you promoted…more likely, it’ll get you stitches and a one-way ticket to unemployment.

When Your Social Calendar is Your Resume: How to Party Your Way to Unemployment

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Office happy hour? You’re there. Company picnic? Front and center. Actual work? …Eh, maybe tomorrow. Let’s just say, if your boss knows your drink order better than your job description, it’s time for a career rethink.

When Oversharing Gets You Fired: Why Your Boss is Probably Your Facebook Friend

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Vent about your terrible boss? Sure! Post that hilarious meme mocking your clients? Why not! Just remember, the internet never forgets…and neither does HR. Think your online rants are private? Think again. Let’s just say, there are better ways to become an internet sensation than getting publicly canned.

When Fashion Choices Lead to Unemployment: Why Your Superhero Cape Isn’t Office Appropriate

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Sure, that neon tutu might be your signature look, but your boss probably won’t see its brilliance. Forget promotions, if you refuse the uniform, you might be collecting unemployment instead. Let’s just say, there’s a reason “casual Friday” doesn’t involve pajamas.

When Paint Mix-Ups Cause Chaos: How to Get Fired in 50 Shades of Wrong

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Think your job is boring? Imagine unleashing interior design armageddon! Forget wrong numbers, one switched paint lid turns “eggshell white” into “fiery dragon red.” Suddenly, that beige bedroom looks like a crime scene. Let’s just say, your career in color consulting will be…short-lived.

When Your Sick Day Turns into a Career Catastrophe: The Surprise Party That Wasn’t For You

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“Cough cough,” you whisper into the phone, picturing a beach…until you walk into that “surprise” birthday bash and see the boss’s shocked face. Let’s just say, faking a cold won’t cure this career crisis. Prepare for the most awkward office party ever…and an even worse Monday morning.

When Honeymoon Plans Collide with Your First Week: Asking for Vacation Time Before You’ve Even Earned Your Desk Chair


Sure, that tropical getaway sounds amazing, but maybe wait until you know where the bathroom is before booking it? Asking for time off the day after you start screams one thing: “I’m not in this for the long haul.” Let’s just say, it won’t win you any points with the boss…or your coworkers who have to pick up the slack.

When Your Test Drive Turns Into a Burnout Fail: Why “The Fast and the Furious” Isn’t a Job Requirement

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Sure, that sports car goes zero to sixty…but doing it on the dealership lot is a zero to unemployed speed record. Think treating company cars like your personal racetrack is a promotion plan? Think again. More likely, you’ll be racing home to update that resume.

When Your Retirement Plan is Foiled by Security Cameras: The Epic Fail of Scratch-Off Scammers

Doug Jones/Portland Press Herald via Getty Images

Dreaming of quitting your job with a lottery win? Turns out, trying to cheat your way to riches is a foolproof way to get fired…and probably investigated for theft. Those “lucky” tickets weren’t so lucky after all. Better stick to buying your own from now on.

When Your Side Hustle Gets You Hustled Out the Door: Why Reselling Company Swag is a Bad Idea


Think you’ve found the ultimate get-rich-quick scheme? Turns out, turning your office into an eBay warehouse won’t impress your boss. Forget promotions, you’ll be lucky to keep your cardboard box of belongings. Let’s just say, there’s a reason they don’t let you take home the staplers.

When Playing Cop Goes Horribly Wrong: Why Fake Badges Lead to Real Trouble

Jeremy Drey/MediaNews Group/Reading Eagle via Getty Images

Sure, pulling over your slowpoke coworker seems hilarious…until the REAL cops show up. Forget just getting fired, impersonating an officer is a surefire way to land yourself in handcuffs. Turns out, flashing your expired gym membership won’t get you out of this mess.

When Customer Service Turns Savage: Suggesting Anger Management…and Your Next Job Search

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We’ve all been on THAT call – the one that makes you want to scream. But before you suggest the customer seek professional help with their rage, consider this: your paycheck might need therapy too. Sure, it’s tempting, but this career “self-sabotage” plan is probably faster than any firing process HR has in place.

When Your Thumb Gets You Fired Faster Than You Can Type “Oops”: The Texting Termination Challenge

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Sure, ignoring your boss to catch up on group chats sounds tempting…until your phone gets confiscated AND your walking papers. Think getting fired is impossible in a day? This texting challenge proves otherwise. Let’s just say, there’s no emoji for that kind of career fail.

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