Hacked Together and Works Like a Charm

Necessity is the mother of invention, and sometimes those inventions are delightfully oddball. Whether in the workplace or at home, people find ways to make things work with surprising resourcefulness.

Almost a Genius Solution…


When you need light but lack the right batteries, sometimes pennies are the next best conductor. Hey, it works!

Purrfect Adventure Backpack? Check.


This clever human fashioned a DIY cat backpack out of ratchet straps, a cardboard box, a colander, and tape. Kitty approves!

Custom Camper with a Mystery Feature


Someone turned an old truck bed into a cozy camper, complete with two beds… and a cryptic ‘Easter egg hunt’ sign. Time will tell if this sells!

Mad Max Meets Family SUV


This isn’t your average SUV. Someone merged the power of a heavy-duty truck with the comfort of a Ford Explorer, and the result is… surprising.

Forget Store-Bought: This DIY Rotisserie is Genius


This isn’t just New Year’s Eve grilling… it’s an engineering feat! Shua89 built his own water-powered rotisserie.

When Rope Fixes Are a Way of Life


We’ve all been there: duct tape, zip ties, and now…rope. Desperate times call for desperate car fixes.

When MacGyver Meets Mechanics: This Could Get Messy


Forget duct tape! This driver used a phone charger to prop up their exhaust. Bold move.

DIY Upgrade For a $2,100 Helmet? Yep.


New welder, fancy helmet… no light? A $10 headlamp and superglue solved that.

When a Rear-Ending Calls for DIY: This Fix Is Impressive


Whoever hit this car and ran left them with a big problem. This driver turned that problem into a DIY challenge.

Behold! The Monster Tricycle is Born


Golf cart body meets motorcycle guts in this Frankenstein-esque trike. Imagine a supercharged golf cart with motorcycle controls…

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Written by Alex Dan

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